Spectrum: Memorial Day

Pastor Ryan Bell asks us to remember Memorial Day differently in his May 25 Spectrum post. Excerpt:

I do not think Christians – those who name themselves as followers of the Christ who claimed to be Lord of all Creation, and who died as a seditious criminal on a Roman cross – can celebrate Memorial Day the way the empire prescribes. Christians must remember that memory is their provenance. Rather than simply being scripted into the imperial narrative Christians must subvert the imperial narrative, in service of the God of peace and justice, by remembering differently.

For starters I suggest remembering all the fallen. Let us today remember the approximately 100,000 Iraqi civilians who have died in the American occupation of Iraq….

I could go on and on. This Memorial Day lets really stretch our memories to include all who are victims of power and greed across our globe. By remembering wrongly we only facilitate the status quo. But imagine what would happen if all across this country Americans started remembering all the fallen – all those who have given their lives in service of the empire – all the homeless poor who die each day as collateral damage of our “way of life.” What if a new memory took root in our social consciousness? We might not buy the lies anymore. We might be able to imagine a new future – a future of hope and possibility for everyone.

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One Response to Spectrum: Memorial Day

  1. Kris says:

    Your idea on remembering all fallen reminds me of Brian McLaren’s sermon to G.W. Bush before the Iraq war. What a beautiful notion – and so foreign from our culture in America. (http://www.brianmclaren.net/archives/imported/a-sermon-for-president-bush.html)

    It seems that in order to carry out war well (read “win at war”), the ‘enemy’ must be demonized and reduced to ‘un’human. Thus, we can do obscene and inhame things to him/her without being morally trashed. Because of this, I have a hard time seeing mourning for our enemies in America. But – Jesus is alive; so anything is possible; I suppose we can begin practicing it on our own as well…thx

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