Training: Community Organizing

Monte Sahlin submitted the following announcement about community organizing training that he will be offering in the spring. Sounds excellent. –Jeff

I have just started the sixth year of teaching for the Tony Campolo Graduate School at Eastern University in the M.A. in Urban Studies program. Each fall I teach a course in Community Organizing. In the spring I teach a course in Foundations of Community Development, and I teach (optional) courses in Grantsmanship and Disaster Response from time to time.

This fall we are doing something quite different. I am teaching the course on Thursday evenings via Webinar technology on the Internet. Prior to this the course was taught in an intensive, week-long residency with the students taking the rest of the semester to do the reading, write their papers and do their assignments. I also have 20 students this year; I have never had more than 9 in past years.

I was trained as a community organizer by the L.A. branch of the Industrial Areas Foundation in 1971-72. In addition to training many pastors, lay leaders and student interns over the years, I have previously taught the same course for Penn State University and the Center for Metropolitan Ministry at what is now Washington Adventist University.

Next spring I plan to teach the course via Webinar as an open, non-credit class because of the many people over the years who have asked if they could get this course without being enrolled as a grad student. I would encourage people to pass on this information and ask those who may be interested to contact me via Email at so they can get the specifics.
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