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ONE Sabbath Campaign (Doug Morgan, Peace Messenger, 19 Sep 09)

The ONE Sabbath campaign launched on September 16 with the purpose of mobilizing people of faith to address the issue of extreme poverty and preventable diseases.  Find out more from the clip below and at www.ONE.org/ONESabbath.

T.R.M. Howard – Adventist Physician and Civil Rights Activist (Doug Morgan, Peace Messenger,30 Aug 09)

Dr. Howard was a graduate of Union College and the College of Medical Evangelists at Loma Linda. The North American Informant described him in 1966 as “a physician, civic leader, and humanitarian” who “has long been associated with, and has been a friend of Seventh-day Adventists” (Mar.-Apr 1966, p. 5).

Conference on Innovation, Day One (Rachel Davies, Spectrum, 5 Oct 09)

Dr. Michael Lindsay began by making clear to us the difference between creativity and innovation: creativity develops ideas; innovation implements them…. [W]e must create a revolution or “culture” of innovation within our institutions (i.e. the church). That we don’t have to swim upstream.”

Adventism I can believe in (Ryan Bell, Spectrum, 21 Sep 09)

What I ultimately long for is an Adventist Christianity that is open enough, theologically, to allow God’s people to follow the movements of God’s Spirit in response to the challenges we face today.

It’s Really All About God (Nathan Brown, Adventist Today, 28 Sep 09)

Selmanovic has sought to model this approach to those of other faiths in the form of Faith House Manhattan, a multi-faith ministry project he founded in New York City. Described as “an experiment in the kingdom of God,” Faith House seeks to create a space in which believers from the world’s three major monotheistic religions can worship together, learn from each other’s traditions and serve together in the world.

Moltmann on the Mystical Experience of the Sabbath (Ryan Bell, Intersections, 28 Aug 09)
American Civil Religion and the Theology of Hope (Ryan Bell, Intersections, 28 Aug 09)

“‘God bless America’ is often heard on the lips of American presidents. But whether God blesses America will become apparent when it emerges whether America is a blessing for the peoples of the world, or their burden and curse; for one is blessed only in order to be a blessing oneself” (Moltmann, A Broad Place, 144).

The Truth About Government-run Health Care (Monte Sahlin, Faith in Context, 2 Sep 09)

“Medicare recipients fare better than not only the uninsured, but also the privately insured.” In fact, the privately insured had 25 percent more deaths (within a week of hospital admission) than the older group covered by government-run health care!

Multi-Generational Church Leadership (Marcel Schwantes, Reinventing the Adventist Wheel, 1 Oct 09)

How many relationships with people of different generations do folks at your church have? If the answer is “not many” or “none” then it’s time to investigate the kinds of activities and events that are actually relationship building.

Sleeth on Sabbath — Catalyst Conference ‘09 (Adventists for the Environment, 8 Oct 09)

Let’s remember the real victims (My Fenhop, 22 Sep 09)

Canning, and other old-fashioned ideas (Tentative Kansan, 15 Sep 09)

Roadside Pet Rescue (Tentative Kansan, 4 Sep 09)

Saturday Potpourri (Jeff’s Peace & Justice Journal, 10 Oct 09) [added 10 Oct 09]

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