movemberlogoIn October we focused on fighting breast cancer and abuse of women. In November we shift to prostate and testicular cancer. That’s right–Movember.

Here’s an explanation from the LA Times for those not yet initiated in the ways of the ‘stache (Adam Tschorn, 1 Nov 2009):

It’s been derided as a soup strainer, cookie duster, lip spinach and even face fungus, but if Australian expat Adam Garone has his way, each November the maligned mustache will become as potent a symbol in the fight against cancer as the pink ribbons that blossom each October in support of breast cancer awareness.

“I call it our hairy ribbon,” said Garone, explaining that supporters of the movement start the month of “Movember” (“mo” is Aussie slang for mustache) cleanshaven and, for the next 30 days, cultivate the facial forest between nose and mouth (no beards and no goatees, please) as a way to raise money and awareness in the battle against prostate and testicular cancers. [more]

My co-conspirator, Travis, first introduced me to Movember. Here’s a shot of him in all of last year’s glory.Travis - Movember Truly scary, just like male cancers can be.

In a fund-raising/promo email, Travis explained more about Movember:

The funds we raise during our Moustache journey go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG).

What many people don’t know is that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime and that testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 18-35.  Facts like these have convinced me I should get involved.

To join my Movember team called Strategic Mo’s go to

Once registered you’ll be sent all the information needed to get donations and get growing as part of my Movember team.

Resources for Learning More and Getting Involved


Just think, in a month this could be you:

Scary Burns

Photo shared by a friend. Hopefully I’m not breaking copyright laws by posting it here.  :)

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