Marriage, Homosexuality, and the Church Conference

Marriage, Homosexuality, and the Church Conference recently concluded at Andrews University. For those who could not attend, here are a number of posts by David Hamstra on Apokalupto:

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3 Responses to Marriage, Homosexuality, and the Church Conference

  1. braidzy says:

    Great subject matter to be discussing in our ever evolving social climate.
    For a fresh view on the topics of:
    -Homosexuality and Religion
    -Same-sex Marriage
    -Gender Roles in Society,
    Take a look at this blog:
    It provides some interesting insight into the subjects at hand.
    Thanks again for a great thought provocative blog.

  2. Ten Points in Support of Equality:

    Read all of my “Ten Points” at:

    First, allow me to begin by asserting a point that I am sure we will all agree on: marriage is a fundamental component of a society.

    Second, another point I am sure we agree on: the United States is a society that was founded on an unequivocal guarantee of equality for all citizens. An equality that has been all too slow to come to fruition for many segments of American society.

    Now, with this in mind, why do I believe gay marriage is a right and why such right is fully inline with standard conceptions of morality?

  3. Is Christianity a sin?
    I’d argue that is unnatural, dangerous, and evil.

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