Monday Roundup

A few notable recent SDA posts:

1. Dr. Kesslyn A Brade Stennis’ first post for Adventist Today was excellent.  Here is an excerpt from Love is Listening (24 Nov. 2009):

Not only must I listen to God and to my self, I must also listen to those who report the events of the world.  If I am to speak truth to power, and if I am to show my love for those who are oppressed or seemingly forgotten like Jesus did, then I must first listen to their plights and the stories of their lives.  Unfortunately, because so many of their voices and lives have been silenced by oppressive forces, I am forced to attune my ears to hear of their experiences vicariously through the mouths of others…. Just like the prophets of old, if I am to speak about the sins that so easily beset our society, I must first be aware of them.  Awareness comes by listening; therefore, I will keep my ears open and demonstrate love by listening.  As I was taught in seminary, I will carry the Bible in one hand and a newspaper (or laptop, or magazine, or journal, or textbook) in the other so that I can hear the stories of those who suffer aloud or in silence…

2. Religious liberty advocates oppose ‘defamation of religions’ resolution as UN vote approaches (Elizabeth Lechleitner, ANN, 7 Dec. 2009)

3. Adventist HIV/AIDS programs supporting affected African communities (Megan Brauner, ANN, 1 Dec. 2009)

4. Adventures (Camden Bowman, Notes from the Fault, 3 Dec. 2009). An excerpt:

ADRA has a policy that foreign workers are not allowed to do any job that a local could do. It’s a good policy, because it means we employ people who know the culture intimately, and who desperately need jobs. What it means for me, however, is no well-digging.

5. A Theology of Tree-Hugging (Nathan Brown, Adventist Today, 3 Dec. 2009). Excerpt:

How we live in comparative affluence impacts directly and indirectly upon the lives of millions of others and upon the limited resources of our world. As Christian stewards, we should be using the many choices in our lives, our consumer power and our political voice to work against the blind disregard of environmental responsibility in much of the Western world.

6. Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience (Barry Bussey, The Liberty Blog, 22 Nov. 2009) [also reported on Spectrum]

A prominent group of conservative Christian church leaders have issued a “clarion call” to society. It is known as the “Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience.” In the Obama era of seeking the “common ground,” 150 leaders of the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Evangelical wings of the church have made it abundantly clear that “common ground” will not mean they discard the historic Christian teachings on life, marriage and religious freedom. They will not remain silent while government and other agencies demand compliance of church-run institutions to accept the secular view on those matters…

7. A Letter to Dwight Nelson (David Potter, Spectrum, 3 Dec. 2009)

Last Sabbath I was away preaching when Elaine watched your sermon on homosexuals in the church. [Sex in the Temple: What’s So Gay about That?] It’s the first time she’s been disappointed by your message.

8. Video: Jan Paulsen on Caring for Creation (Alexander Carpenter, Spectrum, 2 Dec. 2009)

9. Where Your Treasure Is… (Jimmy Phillips, Adventist Review)

10. WCC Statement on Just Peace (Adventists for the Environment)

11. Homeless Microblogs–1, 2, & 3 (The Deeper Blog, 4 & 5 Dec. 2009).

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