Online Highlights

  1. Video: Jan Paulsen on Poverty (Carpenter, Spectrum, 24 Dec 2009)
  2. Understanding the Economic Situation (Sahlin, Faith in Context, 6 Dec 2009)
  3. Discerning The Times (Bussey, The Liberty Blog, 3 Jan 2010)
  4. Feeding Hope (Gang, Suburban Pastor, 31 Dec 2009)
  5. The Gospel and Empire: A Wake-up Call from New Testament Scholarship (Adv Peace Messenger,31 Dec 2009)
  6. Prince of Peace – God of War (Adv Peace Messenger, 18 Dec 2009)
  7. LAPD Officers are not immigration agents (Bell, Intersections, 18 Dec 2009)
  8. Letting Roman Catholics Off the Hook (Seibold, Adv Today, 4 Jan 2010)
  9. Young Adventists Giving Their Lives for Christ’s Mission (Sahlin, Adv Today, 11 Dec 2010)
  10. Love Actually (Pearson, Spectrum, 9 Jan 2010)
  11. Blackwater, Human Grease, and Harvesting Organs: More Articles of Note (Gerard, Notes from the Fault, 22 Dec 2009)
  12. Bono’s “Top Ten for the Next Ten” (Gang, Suburban Pastor, 3 Jan 2010)
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2 Responses to Online Highlights

  1. Jeff Gang says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Nice to discover your blog. Thanks for the trackback. I’ll RSS you and stay in touch.


  2. Jeff Boyd says:

    Great to hear from you, Jeff. I’m always looking for contributors, so let me know if you ever want to cross-post thoughts or experiences on social justice, human rights, or volunteerism.

    Grace and peace

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