Christian Nonviolence

While neither written by nor about Adventists, the following 5 essays on Christian nonviolence may be informative for SDAs considering issues of peace advocacy, military participation or social change:

  1. Christian Nonviolence (Walter Wink, Z Net, Dec 17, 2004). Wink is the author of Jesus and Nonviolence, Engaging the Power, Unmasking the Powers, & Naming the Powers.
  2. God’s People Reconciling (Ron Sider, Mennonite World Conference, 1984). Ron is the author of Non-Violence, Churches That Make a Difference, & Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger.
  3. Five Characteristics of Early Christian Nonviolence (Thom Stark, n.d.).
  4. The Gospel of Reconciliation within the Wrath of Nations (David W. Shenk, International Bulletin of Missionary Research, 32 no 1 Jan 2008, p 3-6, 8-9). This is only available to Ebsco users. Shenk authored or edited Jesus Matters, A Muslim and A Christian in Dialogue, & Anabaptists Meeting Muslims.
  5. A Call for Evangelical Nonviolence (Ron Sider, Christian Century, Sep 15, 1976, pp. 753-757).

There are many more, but to me these form a pretty good foundation. And now, twenty-two bonus links:

Bonus 1 — Christian Peacemaker Teams
Bonus 2 — Early Christian Pacifism & Nonviolence
Bonus 3 — Every Church a Peace Church
Bonus 4 — Jesus Radicals (Theology)
Bonus 5 — Christian Peace Witness

Bonus 6 — Courageous Nonviolence (Ron Sider, Christianity Today, Dec. 19, 2007)
Bonus 7 — Peacemaker Ministries
Bonus 8 — Orthodox Peace Fellowship — Quotes
Bonus 9 — Love Your Enemies — Quotes
Bonus 10 — Adventist Peace Fellowship
Bonus 11 — Peace & Justice Support Network (Mennonite)
Bonus 12 — Muslim Peace Fellowship
Bonus 13 — Jewish Peace Fellowship
Bonus 14 — Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Bonus 15 — Catholic Peace Fellowship
Bonus 16 — Pax Christi (Catholic)
Bonus 17 — Baptist Peace Fellowship
Bonus 18 — Lutheran Peace Fellowship
Bonus 19 — Disciples Peace Fellowship
Bonus 20 — Unitarian Univeralist Peace Fellowship
Bonus 21 — Episcopal Peace Fellowship
Bonus 22 — Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

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