CCDA & Immigrantion Reform

Will any of you be at one of these CCDA events–Phoenix, Denver, Santa Ana, Chicago, Memphis or Miami? If so, let us know and send a report when the dust settles.

On Tuesday January 26, Christian leaders from across the US will join the CCDA board in Phoenix, Arizona for a “Day of Witness and Action” in support of comprehensive immigration reform. The purpose of this event is to stand in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters as well as to raise national awareness of our country’s broken immigration system. Our desire is to see Christians raise their collective voice around the injustice faced by immigrants and the need for our legislators to enact moral and just reform. Please consider standing in solidarity with CCDA and other organizations across the country. You are invited to join us in any of these cities/events:

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One Response to CCDA & Immigrantion Reform

  1. Jeff Boyd says:

    Message to the members of CCDA (Christian Community Development Association).

    Subject: Immigration Reform Rally press coverage!

    Hi friends!

    Thanks to all of you who attended rallies across the country this past Tuesday to stand in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters for immigration reform. Check out the press coverage we received so far!


    TV Clips:;

    OC Register: Rally celebrates contributions from immigrants
    By Cindy Carcamo
    January 26, 2010;

    Memphis Commercial Appeal: Immigration reform at top of prayer list
    By Daniel Connolly
    January 27, 2010;

    Christian Post: Evangelicals Hold Immigration Reform Vigils across U.S.
    By Jennifer Riley
    January 26, 2010;

    True/Slant News: Evangelicals Christians call for immigration reform
    January 26, 2010;

    Denver Post: Ministers to lead rally for immigration reform.
    January 26, 2010;

    Denver Post: Immigration reform prayer vigil set for Tuesday
    January 25, 2010;

    Denver Daily News: Rally For Immigration Reform
    January 25, 2010;

    KRDO News: Immigration vigil set for Civic Center Park
    January 26, 2010;

    Miami Herald: Faith Based Relief Efforts
    January 24, 2010;

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