Spectrum: Lent

There have been a number of articles I’ve wanted to post here. I will get to them. But first, being self-centered, I’ll announce that my Lent series at Spectrum has begun. Naturally, it’s on social action. Articles will appear every Sunday and Wednesday between now and Easter.

  1. Prayer (Jeff Boyd)
  2. Community (Jeff Boyd)
  3. Love of Enemies (Jeff Boyd)
  4. Mentoring (Desmond Murray & Charity Garcia)
  5. Vegetarianism (Andrew Gerard)
  6. Environmentalism (Jeff Boyd)
  7. Economic Justice, Part 1 (Jeff Boyd)
  8. Economic Justice, Part 2 (Jeff Boyd)
  9. Homelessness (Beth Miller Kraybill & Ken Kraybill)
  10. Immigration (Jeff Boyd)
  11. Human Trafficking (Jeff Boyd)
  12. Torture (Jeff Boyd)
  13. War & Peace (Hilary Scarsella)
  14. Success (Jeff Boyd)

Peace, Jeff

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One Response to Spectrum: Lent

  1. Jeff Gang says:

    Solid writing! Thank you for this perspective on Lent. Most of all I love the social action assignment. What good are our ideas if we’re not putting them into action. I am looking forward to the rest of your series!

    Jeff Gang

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