Suggested Interviews

Who would you like to see interviewed on this blog?

There are a couple people I plan to talk with at some point, but I’d like your fresh ideas.

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6 Responses to Suggested Interviews

  1. Steve Rogers says:


  2. Doug Morgan says:

    How about J. Nelson Kraybill with regard to his new book on Revelation and Empire?

    Glen Stassen
    Monte Sahlin
    Ryan Bell

  3. Victor Magana says:

    Cindy Sheehan and Cynthia McKinney would be great
    subjects for interviews. I think it would be a great witness to them, to know that we care about their issues as well.

  4. Jeff Boyd says:

    Great ideas. Thanks.

    And I apologize for the delay in posting your comments. To reduce spam, I approve each new person who posts a comment. Now you are all free to post in real-time.

    Peace, Jeff

  5. Renee Hernandez says:

    Bono ,

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