Viewpoints: Adventist Perspectives on Peace, Justice and Righteousness

Adventist Activism and Adventist Today are teaming up to present an interview series on issues of peace, justice, righteousness, compassion and the Kingdom of God.

The first interview of the series–a conversation with Nathan French, Peace and Justice Organizer at the Hollywood SDA Church–is now up at Adventist Today. The interview begins:

Jeff Boyd: Please explain your position as the Peace and Justice Organizer.

Nathan French: My role is diverse, but the core of what I do is help our members engage missionally in our neighborhood and help them reflect about how God is present in that experience. I’m also intentional about making connections in the neighborhood myself and being a part of different coalitions and committees.

Ryan [Bell, Hollywood SDA Lead Pastor] came up with the title Peace and Justice to replace what most churches call Community Outreach. The values named in that title are deeply rooted in scripture and the biblical narrative. These results–peace and justice–are what we’re working to bring to our community.

In the future I plan to interview a wide range of people–professors, pastors, activists, political figures, administrators, development specialists, and more.

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5 Responses to Viewpoints: Adventist Perspectives on Peace, Justice and Righteousness

  1. Jeff and Nathan, it is truly encouraging to learn of this new colaboration. I’m inspired again with hope for the church post Atlanta. Peace & justice is the focus all our community outreach should be based on.
    As a church friendly once SDA, now grass roots activist American Baptist/USA I have watched with encouragement the formation of the Adventist Peace Fellowship based on the model of Baptist Peace Fellowship & other mainline peace groups. It seems younger adults are involved, not just grey haired babyboomers like myself. This bodes well.
    My ministry is health care based but I am active in the area of reaching well intended men in (and outside) the faith community to stand up, speak out and take action to make our community safer for the many women & girls who are victims/survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault.
    It’s shameless self-promotion but I would be most glad to share with you my experience in grassroots peace & justice work that is an expression of kingdom building. If interested please get in touch.

  2. Jeff Boyd says:

    Mark, Thank you for writing, and I apologize for my tardiness in responding. The work you’re doing sounds great, and I’m certainly interested in learning more. God bless your ministry.

    Peace, Jeff

  3. Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson says:

    Jeff, I’ve been asked to put together an issue of the Journal of Adventist Education on the topic of Adventist social activism. I am looking for someone to write an article about Adventist programs and individuals who are engaged in social issues (domestic violence, immigration, HIV/AIDS, etc.). I would appreciate any help you could give me.

  4. Jeff Boyd says:

    Lourdes, I responded with a private message on FB. This sounds like a great project, and I look forward to assisting any way I can.

    Peace, Jeff

  5. silas ndagi says:

    topic on righteousess and peace

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