Viewpoints: Sharon Pittman

The most recent Viewpoints interview at Adventist Today is now online.

This summer I took an Andrews University international development class in Kenya. The professor, Dr. Sharon Pittman, was passionate about God and the church, so I asked her to share her thoughts for this series.

Jeff: How do you see international service and development fulfilling the biblical call to love mercy, do justly, and end oppression?

Sharon: We have to be extremely intentional about mobilizing a church to wake up from our Laodicea mode about the injustice that’s happening around us. And we need to be intentional about mobilizing people for actually promoting social justice.

Do we do that as the social gospel? No. But do we do that because Christ mandated us? Isaiah 58 is one of those few verses in scripture that starts with “The mouth of the Lord has spoken it” and it ends with “The mouth of the Lord has spoken it.” So there must have been some concern on the part of the divine inspiration of that passage of scripture that wanted to be very clear.

[Complete Interview]

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One Response to Viewpoints: Sharon Pittman

  1. Jim Walters says:

    Great interview. Some of us (I am one) are so concerned that we have a good, reasoned basis for our faith, that we fail to act on the common theme of social justice that I too passionately believe in. Also, there is compelling justification that is Adventist, Christian, and humanistic, that social justice is a pressing issue.

    It’s good news that Southern has a MDiv/MSW dual degree that is dedicated to social activism. And it’s fascinating to me that interviewer Jeff Boyd is pursuing a grad degree in Peace Studies at the Mennonite Biblical Seminaries–an institution I finished up my seminary studies, transferring credit to AU where I got my ministerial degree.

    Jim Walters

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