Social Justice at AToday

Interesting conversation triggered by Trish Tickle’s most recent post at Adventist Today, “Social Justice is Worship.” We’ve veered a bit off-topic, but maybe you can bring it back.

Here’s the conclusion to my comment there:

If we agree that (a) oppression and social injustice exist, (b) the Bible speaks against these things (examples), (c) the suffering caused by injustice breaks God’s heart, and (d) the fast God calls us to is to end these things (Is. 58), then the conversation can shift to how we as individuals and as a community of faith can honor God by working to change these harsh realities, however local, however small. We will not agree on social analysis or types of intervention, but we also don’t agree on styles of music but we still sing together every Sabbath. May we sing songs of God’s love, deliverance, freedom and justice!  [more]

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