enditnow Campaign

Heather-Dawn Small, the GC Women’s Ministries Director, spoke with me about enditnow, the Adventist campaign to curb violence against women. The interview is now posted at Adventist TodayViewpoints Vol. 4: Heather-Dawn Small.

Regarding the link between the campaign and evangelism in post-Christian contexts, she shares:

Many of the European countries welcomed for this campaign because it helps to give them a point of connection with the community. Normally we go into a community with our Bible lessons to win people to the Lord, but in post-Christian countries, that’s difficult. So you’ve got to have some way to connect with them other than something that is biblical but that will show them the love of God in action.

This whole issue of winning the world to Christ is more than just a Bible study. We’ve got to deal with what people deal with. We’ve got to deal with people’s pain like Jesus did. So we can’t ignore issues like this, not any longer, not if we’re going to be relevant to the world in which we live.

[full interview]

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