Dr. Bert B. Beach

Dr. Bert B. Beach recently spoke with me about politics, social action, evangelism, ecumenism, religious freedom, and conflict. Click here to read the interview, the 5th installment of Viewpoints, the interview series on peace, justice and righteousness that is a joint project of Adventist Activism and Adventist Today.

Here is a snippet where Dr. Beach reflects on Christians and politics:

The Christian and politics is a complicated story, with a long history, much of it scandalous and even oppressive. Interestingly enough, Jesus spoke little about political society. He presented no socio-political platform and rejected any zealot-like kingship. He made it clear that His kingdom was not of this world. However, it must be true that His teachings will have a socio-economic fallout. He presented the Messianic task as spiritual good news, but clearly including a social dimension of good news for the poor, the blind, the oppressed.

[full interview]

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