Articles of Interest

Though shorter than most “potpourri” lists, here are a few articles of interest:

1) Religious Peace Fellowship Representatives Gather (Ryan Bell, Peace Messenger, 15 Mar 2011)

I end my day today reflecting on my personal commitment to a more peaceful world. Specifically, I find myself wondering what God would have the Adventist Peace Fellowship do to reengage the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the vital theological and practical issues of peace, justice and reconciliation in a world torn by war, terrorism and other forms of violence and oppression. What about you? What do you think the future of the Adventist Peace Fellowship should be?

2) Dr. Bert B. Beach on Viewpoints, the Adventist Today interview series on peace, justice and righteousness (15 Mar 2011)

3) Interfaith event in Jordan opens new conversation with Islamic world (Bettina Krause, IRLA/ANN, 8 Mar 2011)

Delbert Baker, a vice president of the Adventist world church and vice president of the IRLA, spoke to the group about respect and freedom — principles that he said are mutually valued by both the Islamic and Judeo-Christian worlds. Yet, he said, too often a gap appears between theory and practice. He challenged the audience to analyze whether these principles influence their interactions with people.

4) God’s Remnant In Hotel Rwanda (Keith Burton, Spectrum, 4 Mar 2011)

[Paul Rusesbagina of Hotel Rwanda] may not have exhibited adherence to archaic creeds crafted in ecclesiastical councils. He may not have had a perfect record of church attendance. He may not have conformed to a list of dietary restrictions or a puritan dress code. But when God called for a person to stand for him when it counted the most, Paul Rusesbagina said, “Here I am, send me!” Are you willing to be used by him? As you contemplate your response, always remember that “a tree is known by its fruit.”

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