Adventist Articles of Interest

A few more posts that caught my attention:

1) Pastor Jeff Gang advocating with CARE to support women in development (The Suburban Pastor, 11 Mar 2011).

2) Living on “Living Wage” (Trish Tickle, Adv Today, 16 Mar 2011)

So how should this [living wage discussion] affect us as Adventist Christians? First and foremost, it should inform our opinions as we participate in the public discussion about wage issues. Second, it should be a call to action to get involved with our neighbors. There are things we know, as Adventists, about diet, health, financial planning,  and more which can help our neighbors manage their lives.

3) Adventist Congressman Roscoe Barlett in ‘Urban Danger’ Film (Alexander Carpenter, Spectrum, 14 Mar 2011)

In this trailer, Rep. Bartlett states:

“. . .so there are a number of events that could create a situation in our cities where civil unrest could be a very high probability. And I think that those who can, and those who understand need to take advantage of the opportunity. . .to move their families out of the city. . . . It’s just plain fun when you’re looking at the challenge of what do I have to do so that I’m independent of the system.”

4) Grace in Rwanda (Alexander Carpenter, Spectrum, 12 Mar 2011)

Pastor Manuel Silva, of the Oakridge Adventist Church in Vancouver, British Columbia, interviews the leaders of Grace Rwanda, a non-profit founded by genocide survivers to educate young Rwandans about the power of forgiveness.

5) ADRA Japan Blogs Its Response (Alexander Carpenter, Spectrum, 12 Mar 2011)

ADRA continues to open a rest-area at the Central Tokyo Adventist Church in Harajuku, Shibuya, where ADRA Japan Office is located, for those who could not go home due to the malfunctioning public transportation systems. The rest-area provides food, water, restroom facilities, WiFi internet connection, and news from media. Close to 200 people used the facility, and about 30 people spent the night of Fri the 11th.

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