SDA Articles

Recent Adventist articles on faith and action:

1) Conversation is the True Work of Peacemaking (Ryan Bell, Huffington Post, 23 Mar 2011)

Conversation is two-sided. Many of us, myself included, are better at talking than listening. Because peace is born of understanding and understanding only comes about by deep listening, the conversational skill most urgently needed in our world is listening. I am also far more interested in low-level conversations that spread, like rhizomes, across social systems, than high-level talks that pit power against power.

2) Spencer Chiimbwe – Adventist Peacemaker (Ryan Bell, Peace Messenger, 24 Mar 2011)

Ryan Bell interviews the founder of the New York Center for Conflict Dialogue in his second report from a recent gathering of Religious Peace Fellowships.

3) Does Congress Have the Right to Investigate a Religion? (Monte Sahlin, Faith in Context, 15 Mar 2011)

Why has it become so popular for some Americans to express anger and prejudice against their Muslim neighbors? These are almost all people who came to the United States because they wanted to live in a country with the kind of freedoms that exist here.

4) Faith and Food: The Cookbook! NOW Open for Submissions (Faith House Manhattan, 21 Mar 2011)

We are planning to distribute a brand new offering, “Faith and Food: The Cookbook”! It will be a free download-able compilation of recipe submissions that are complimented with personal stories and/or pictures with captions to give the foods an added layer of flavor and meaning.

5) Obama’s Olive Branch Doctrine: Religion & the Path of Democratic Reform in the Arab-Muslim World (PART I) (Greg Hamilton, ReligiousLiberty.TV, 24 Mar 2011)

In the midst of an astonishing Twitter and Facebook Revolution2 that has unleashed a frantic generational demand for democracy and regime change in many countries of the Middle East, including North Africa, the Arab-Muslim world has become a strategic chess match for ideological and political hegemony between the United States and the Mullah-ruled country of Iran.

6) ADRA Celebrates World Water Day (ADRA, 22 Mar 2011)

ADRA responds to the call from the UN to bolster water initiatives and has been actively improving and providing access to clean water and sanitation in communities worldwide. For years ADRA has been increasing access to clean water for tens of thousands of people, thereby bringing health and hope to these lives.

7) In Japan, Adventist Church intensifies earthquake relief effort (ANN, 21 Mar 2011)

Regional church headquarters pledges $50,000; displaced persons enjoy warm bowls of miso soup courtesy of ADRA

8) Gene Sharp (Jeff Boyd, A Better World, 10 Mar 2011)

With the nonviolent overthrow of the Mubarak government in Egypt, Gene Sharp (biographical profile) has been receiving increased attention.

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