In early March, Ron Sider of Evangelicals for Social Action posted this response to the national budget debate:

A Call for Intergenerational Justice:

A Christian Proposal For American Debt Crisis

Yesterday he sent out a follow-up email calling for Christians to fast and pray and advocate for funds not to be slashed for programs that help the most vulnerable. He calls Christians to join Ambassador Tony Hall in his fast (read about it here–HungerFast). Hall writes:

There is no doubt that America must address its long-term fiscal challenges. No nation can spend without limit, indefinitely, without eventually facing the consequences. However, in the name of deficit reduction, some in Congress have called for irresponsible cuts to vital domestic and international anti-poverty and hunger programs.

Suggesting that the budget can be balanced on the backs of poor people not only ignores the two largest slices of America’s budget — entitlements and military spending — it betrays a fundamental lack of conscience. Poor people did not cause America’s financial problems, and hurting them is not the right solution.

How might you participate?

You can view short speeches and interviews here. It is a fine way to spend the next 20 minutes.

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