Gang Ministry in Bermuda

The Adventist News Network reports on Scott Smith’s work in Bermuda:

A Seventh-day Adventist layperson in Bermuda wants the island nation’s churches to shut their doors. For a month.

“The bible says ‘Go ye therefore to the world,’ not ‘Go ye therefore to church,'” said Scott Smith, who is gaining recognition in Bermuda for advocating unconventional ministry to gang members and victims of gang violence alike.

The 44-year-old native Bermudian isn’t against corporate worship; he’s a member of the Pembroke Adventist Church. But he says many people won’t step foot in a church — not even one like Pembroke, which is situated in a neighborhood notorious for gang violence and is responsive to its community’s unique needs. [COMPLETE ARTICLE]

This call is similar to a recent article in Relevant Magazine on evangelism.

It’s odd that most of the conversations on relevant evangelism seem to be focused on church programs and gatherings and that many of our efforts are an attempt to make church into a place that people will come and feel comfortable. But isn’t the whole point of evangelism that the Church gets out of its comfort zone and goes to the people?

This is how Jesus starts the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20. “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go …” [COMPLETE ARTICLE]

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