I don’t normally link to non-SDA sources on this particular blog, and leave it to you to peruse the sites listed on the right. But occasionally I do share pieces from since I have semi-regular contact with 2 of the main writers, and have met all the other primary contributors. So here are two items from JR for you today:

1. Iconocast Episode 20. John Dear (Jesuit priest) interviewed by Mark Van Steenwyk (Missio Dei) and Jarrod McKenna (Pace e Bene). I encourage you to at least listen to the first 8:30. Got more time, push it to 14:00, 21:00, or on to the finish.

Part of the conversation speaks to the theme of Trish Tickle’s latest post at Adventist TodayPick Me, Pick Me.

2. Holistic Healing, Gospel Style: Compassion, Justice, and Liberation (William O’Brien, 24 Mar 2011). How might Adventist health care speak more to justice and liberation?

And while we’re on the topic of William O’Brien, what do you think of city-wide, action-oriented “seminaries”? O’Brien leads the Alternative Seminary in Philadelphia. A different model that appears to focus more on evangelism and spiritual development is underway in Dublin–the SDA City Seminary. What might collaborative learning, training and action look like in your area, whether urban or rural? How can “radical” discipleship and evangelism be brought together? Or how can we get out of the way and allow them to come back together since they were one and the same for Jesus and his crew?

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