Christian Pacifism

What do you think about these five reasons for being pacifist?

  1. Christians love their enemies
  2. Christians use the weapons of the Spirit
  3. Christians are ambassadors for Jesus
  4. Christians forgive their debtors
  5. Christians follow a higher calling

These are taken from The Pacifist Christian.

Compare them with an SDA document from 1865 that lists 8 reasons “Why Seventh-day Adventists Cannot Engage in War” available on the Adventist Peace Fellowship website (George W. Amadon, Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, 7 Mar 1865).

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3 Responses to Christian Pacifism

  1. Matt Stone says:

    Number 3 sums it up

  2. Michael Snow says:

    A new resource and quotes blog on the topic, and celebrating the 30th Anniversary of my book, Christian Pacifism.

  3. Jeff Boyd says:

    Thanks for the link, Michael. Verdad.

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