Christian Peace Witness — Libya

After our conference call this afternoon, CPW released the following statement:

Dear Christian Peace Witness Partners and Friends:

A quick glance at the blogosphere will tell you that, when it comes to the United States’ military involvement in Libya, confusion reigns. Various Christian communions, including several Christian Peace Witness partners, have issued thoughtful statements about the violence. Responses range from the World Council of Church’s expression of “concern for the humanitarian crisis” to Pax Christi USA’s urging “all people of faith to advocate for, practice and promote nonviolent action in these and similar circumstances.”  Click here to be directed to some of these statements from our website.

The situation on the ground in Libya is obviously fluid, volatile and dangerous. It is also complicated and resists facile analysis and easy solutions.  Sometimes when situations resist easy reduction to position papers and talking points, the work of poets can bring new insight. As Salman Rushdie put it, a “poet’s work is to name the unnameable, … shape the world, and stop it going to sleep.”

Christian Peace Witness has been blessed with two poets lending their gifts to the task of waking the world for peace:

  • Ann Weems poem, “Another Day … Another War,” comes to CPW by way of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.
  • Alexander Patico, author of “Well-in-hand,” is secretary (North America) of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship.

Their work currently graces the home page of CPW’s web site: and you are welcome to share them with your communities and friends.

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One Response to Christian Peace Witness — Libya

  1. Jeff Boyd says:

    To read about ADRA’s work for Libyans, go here —

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