Terrace SDA Church: Community Service

The Terrace SDA church has been busy! Their commitment to the local community is inspiring.

  • “The Gift” (Linda Wilkinson). Faith leading to service.
  • Local version of Farmville. The church “harvested close to 2000 pounds of potatoes. 800 pounds of carrots…. and other countless pounds of cabbage, corn, etc. All went to needy families in the community as well as our weekly soup kitchen.” –Pastor Charles Ed II Aguilar
  • Mission Trip. “Church Youth Group joined Storm Co. Mission Trip to the native village of Gitanyow, Northern British Columbia, CANADA from August 14-19, 2011. STORM Co. went and painted the bleachers, the goal posts, handed 6 new soccer balls for their soccer program and also added 2 new soccer nets. We also helped clean their soccer field.”
  • Bread of Life Kitchen. “Our Bread of Life Kitchen has been operating for more than 12 years now. From our humble beginnings of having just a pot of soup served in the park to now owning a building where we not only serve more than 100 people per Sunday, but open our building up for TDCSS (Terrace & District Community Services Society) to operate a “drop-in” centre 5 days a week. The drop-in centre, called HOP (Homeless Outreach Program) serves at least 50 people per day.” [complete article]
From my contact with Pastor Aguilar, I know even more is going on. Maybe we’ll get additional updates over time.
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