Pastor Andrew Clark writes:

Speaking as a male Seventh-day Adventist ordained pastor in good standing and active position, I believe those of us that value equality need to give more credibility to great church leaders like Fagal and Damsteegt. I believe these men, at least on occasion, are used of God… I mean you don’t get called to the estate or to be the voice piece of the GC on a controversial issue unless you have a special blessing from God, right?

Proof God uses Fagal and Damsteegt (at least on occasion):

Exhibit A (Fagal): In exhibit A under the section “Women as Pastors to the Flock”, in defense of where White clearly calls both women and men ‘Pastors’ in relation to Gospel Ministry in 6T (“It is the accompaniment of the Holy Spirit of God that prepares workers, both men and women, to become pastors to the flock of God.”), Fagal espouses “First of all, when Ellen White wrote about ordained church pastors, she typically referred to them as ministers rather than pastors . In cases in which she used the term pastor she seems to have done so with a specialized meaning in mind, using the term to refer to a person doing personal labor in the nurture of the flock, rather than a particular church office or position. ” So, Fagal asserts that ‘Pastors’ were not REALLY (ordained) pastors… just workers in supplemental ministries (whatever that means). Therefore, White clearly understands Pastor=Worker and Minister=Ordained Pastor. Fagal worked in the Estate people, we MUST believe him!

Exhibit B (Damsteegt): In Exhibit B under the heading “Ellen White Opposes Ministers as “Settled Pastors””, Damsteegt clearly agrees with Fagal that White sees Ministers as the ordained and does not want them to ‘settle’. In the article he espouses that the church then utilized Elders in the role we now call ‘Pastor’, that ‘Pastor’ as we know it did not exist, and that ‘Ministers’ were the trainer/equippers as well as the EVANGELISTS of larger geographical areas who led and trained the elder/pastors in said area/region (elder and pastor would be interchangeable in this model). Damsteegt was called on by Ted Wilson to explain the GC position on Women’s Ordination, we MUST believe him!

Exhibit C (Ellen White’s Credentials): White had credentials issued to her multiple time over many years. EACH stated “Ordained Minister”, ONE had ‘ordained’ crossed out in 1885 (‘Neatly crossed out’ is easily challenged. Have you seen the document? it has extra ‘doodles’ on it in more than just the word ‘ordained’, please look at it yourself, this is not ‘stikethrough’ font by ANY means…I digress). She had multiple ‘Ordained Minister’ credentials issued to her both before and after that date. So the ‘crossed out’ theory fails (even if it was not ‘doodle’ or ‘creative embelishment’…again, MULTIPLE issues AFTER the ‘great strike-out’ of 1885). Period.


Exhibit A+B+C= White clearly understands Pastor=Worker and Minister=(contemporary) Ordained Pastor. (+) During the time of White, she understood Ministers to be the trainer/equippers as well as the EVANGELISTS of larger geographical areas who led and trained the elder/pastors in said area/region. (+) She accepted multiple Credentials after ‘the great strikeout’ CLEARLY deliniating the term “ORDAINED MINISTER”.

Fagal, Damsteegt, Ellen’s multiple credentials clearly displayed at the Estate: Together, WE MUST BELIEVE THEM!!!

Exhibit A; Fagal:

Exhibit B (Damsteegt): http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3ATdZDbViwRKUJ%3Awww.andrews.edu%2F%7Edamsteeg%2FHerewestand_sec_6.pdf+when+did+the+practice+of+settled+pastors+start+in+adventism&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a

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