Union College — Conflict & Peacemaking Class

Thank you, Union College Agitators, for hosting us this week. Below are resources I told Chris Blake I would share with the Conflict and Peacemaking class.

DISCLAIMER: This list does not mean I endorse every sentiment expressed in the songs, articles, books and films, but they are sources of thought-provoking material. May we ever rely on the Spirit for discerning truth and for embodying God’s love.

Short Videos (5): Old Radicals (Art Gish), Pay Attention to Nonviolence (TED), Ray of Hope (IJM), Marcelo Rivera, Economic Inequality (TED). Bonus: Tribes (TED), Vulnerability (TED), Being Wrong (TED).

Christian* Articles/Posts (5): Christian Nonviolence (Wink), Military Service in the Church Orders (Kreider, EBSCO), Relationship between Peace and Justice (Boyd, PDF), Peace Theology (Boyd), Toward a Definition of Shalom (Boyd). Bonus: Nonviolence in the Ancient Church and Christian Obedience (MacGregor) and Nonviolence. [*Chris Blake has a very legitimate critique of this usage of the word “Christian,” but I use it here as short-hand meaning material produced by self-designating Christians with direct references to Jesus or other biblical passages. I realize this does not entirely sidestep his argument.]

Movies (5): Joyeux Noel, Paradise Now, In a Better World, Amazing Grace, Chasing Freedom. [MORE]

Documentaries (10): The Ordinary Radicals, Encounter Point, Budrus, Why We Fight, War Made Easy, Manufacturing Consent, Pray the Devil back to Hell, A Force More Powerful, The Fog of War, The Power of Forgiveness. [MORE]

Songs (10): With My Own Two Hands (Harper), Hey World (Franti), Bomb the World (Franti), Done Living (McRoberts), Anne Braden (Flobots), Crying Shame (Johnson), Good People (Johnson), One Day (Matishayu), A King and a Kingdom (Webb), Picture of Jesus (Harper). Thanks for the songs you shared, Peacemaking Class.

Christian Books (10): Good News about Injustice (Haugen), Jesus for President (Claiborne), Just Peacemaking (Stassen), The Politics of Jesus (Yoder), The War of the Lamb (JH Yoder), Shalom (P Yoder), What about Hitler? (Brimlow), Reconciling All Things (Katongole & Rice), Generous Justice (Keller), Social Welfare (Ellen White). See lists below. [MORE SDA]

Christian Activists/Professors/Writers (30): John Paul Lederach (ND), Dan Buttry (DB), Lisa Schirch (EMU), Shane Claiborne (TSW), Tony Campolo (TC), Ron Sider (ESA), Jim Wallis (S), Jarrod McKenna (PTC), John Perkins (JMP), Cornel West (CW), Gary Haugen (IJM), Brian McLaren (BDM), Leroy Barber (MY), Rachel Lloyd (GEMS), Stephan Baumen (WR), , Célestin Musekura (ALARM), David Cortright (DC, ND), Joe Liechty (GC), Brandt Russo (BR), Daniel Berrigan, Walter Brueggemann, John Howard Yoder, Walter Wink, Willard Swartley, Ched Myers, Stanley Hauerwas, Wendell Berry, Miroslav Volf, Alan Kreider, Perry Yoder.

SDA Leaders: Ron Osborn, Chris Blake, Anthony Paul, Karen Kotoske, Carl Wilkens, Sharon Pittman, Rudi Maier, Marciana Popescu, Charles Scriven, John Wagner, Monte Sahlin, Ryan Bell, Spencer Chiimbwe, Geoffrey Nelson-Blake, Benjamin Baker, Andrew Clark, Lourdes Morales-Gudmundsson, Sung Kwon, Joe Watts, Alexander Carpenter, Samir Selmanovic, Doug Morgan, Pedrito Maynard-Reid, Zach Plantak, Victor Magana, Nathan Blake, Rochelle Webster, Eric Guttschuss. [MORE]

Christian Organizations/Sites: Adventist Peace Fellowship, Christian Peace Witness, Christian Peacemaker Teams, Evangelicals for Social Action, Christian Community Develop. Assoc., Red Letter Christians. [MORE]

Quote 1: Scripture: “When you spread out your hands in prayer, I will hide my eyes from you; Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.” Isaiah 1:15-17 [MORE]

Quote 2: Justin Martyr. Dialogue with Trypho, 110.2-3 (Rome, mid-second century). “For we Christians, who have gained a knowledge of the true worship of God from the Law and from the word which went forth from Jerusalem by way of the Apostles of Jesus, have run for protection to the God of Jacob and the God of Israel. And we who delighted in war, in the slaughter of one another, and in every other kind of iniquity have in every part of the world converted our weapons of war into implements of peace—our swords into ploughshares, our spears into farmers’ tools—and we cultivate piety, justice, brotherly charity, faith, and hope, which we derive from the Father through the Crucified Saviour.”

Quote 3: Ellen White. “God designs that the sick, the unfortunate, those possessed of evil spirits, shall hear His voice through us. Through his human agents He desires to be a comforter, such as the world has never before seen…” (WM, 22; Manuscript 65b, 1898). [MORE]

One class member also asked for a list of the books that were on display. Here is an expanded reading list that includes those books:

Action Guidebooks: Social Justice Handbook (Cannon), Zealous Love (Yankoski), Everybody Wants to Change the World (Campolo), The Revolution (Zydek)…

Congregational Focus: Churches that Make a Difference (Sider, Olson & Unruh), The Externally Focused Church (Rusaw & Swanson), Peace Ministry: A Handbook for Local Churches (Buttry), Shalom Church (Nessan), Resident Aliens (Hauerwas), A Culture of Peace: God’s Vision for the Church (Kreider, Kreider & Widjaja),

Christian Economics: Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger (Sider), The Hole in Our Gospel (Stearns), Walking with the Poor (Myers), Make Poverty Personal (Barker), Power and Poverty (Hughes), Less Than Two Dollars a Day (Van Til), Neither Poverty Nor Riches (Blomberg), Freedom of Simplicity (Foster), Free People (Brown), When Helping Hurts (Corbett & Fikkert), The Fullness of Time in a Flat World (Waalkes), A High Price for Abundant Living (Rempel), Economic Justice and the State (Bernbaum), Christian Relief and Development (Kuhn), Global Neighbors (Hicks & Valeri), Justice in a Global Economy (Brubaker, Peters & Stivers), Faith and Wealth (Gonzalez)…

Peace/Justice Theology & History: Shalom (P Yoder), Christian Attitudes to War, Peace & Revolution (JH Yoder), Christian Attitudes Toward War & Peace (Bainton), A Testament of Hope (King), The Politics of Jesus (JH Yoder), Righteous Indignation (Rose, Kaiser & Klein), Covenant of Peace (Swartley), The Original Revolution (JH Yoder), Generous Justice (Keller), The Christian Witness to the State (JH Yoder), A Peace Reader (Sider & Keefer Jr), Does the Bible Justify Violence (Collins), Neglected Voices: Peace in the OT (Leiter), Jesus for President (Claiborne & Haw), Biblical Justice (Marshall), Jesus and Nonviolence (Wink), Social Justice in the Hebrew Bible (Malchow), Faith and Human Rights (Amesbury & Newlands), Crowned with Dignity and Honor: Human Rights in the Biblical Tradition (Marshall), The Priestly Kingdom: Social Ethics as Gospel (JH Yoder), The War of the Lamb: The Ethics of Nonviolence and Peacemaking (JH Yoder), Exclusion and Embrace (Volf), Engaging the Powers (Wink), The Justice Project (McLaren, Padilla & Seeber), Peace on Earth (Grassi), Faith and Violence (Merton), Seeking Peace (Arnold), Study War Some More (Fager), The Meaning of Peace (Yoder & Swartley), Love Your Enemies (Cahill), Justice: A Biblical Perspective (Dempsey), Peace (Cortright), Gandhi & Jesus (Rynne), Humanitarian Jesus (Buckley & Dobson), I Am Not a Social Activist (Sider), The Upside-Down Kingdom (Kraybill), Biblical Ethics and Social Change (Mott), Disruptive Christian Ethics (West), Kingdom Ethics (Stassen & Gushee), Body Politics (JH Yoder), Choose Love Not Power (Campolo), Divine Rebels (Guzder), Peace (Brueggemann)…

Peace/Justice Theory & Activism: Peacemakers in Action (Little), Artisans of Peace (Cejka & Bamat), Building Peace (Lederach), Just Peacemaking (Stassen), Christian Peacemaking & Intl Conflict (Friesen), Churches in the World of Nations (Koshy), No Future without Forgiveness (Tutu), Strategic Peacebuilding (Schirch), The Peacemaking Power of Prayer (Robb & Hill), The Real Peace Process (Garrigan), Christian Peacemaking (Buttry), The Good News about Injustice (Haugen), Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers (Claiborne & Wilson-Hartgrove), Social Analysis: Linking Faith and Justice (Holland & Henriot), Getting in the Way (Brown), From the Ground Up (Sampson & Lederach), Be a Hero (Campbell & Court), Strategies of Peace (Philpott & Powers), Mennonite Peacemaking (Driedger & Kraybill), A Case for Peace in Reason and Faith (Hellwig), A Public Faith (Volf), In Our Own Best Interest (Schulz), Restorative Justice (Zehr), Six Theories of Justice (Lebacqz), Subverting Global Myths (Ramachandra), Peacebuilding (Schreiter, Appleby & Powers), The Moral Imagination (Lederach), Transforming Violence (Herr & Herr), Building Peace (Holsopple, Krall & Pittman), Red Letters (Davis), Toward an Evangelical Public Policy (Sider & Knippers), Missionaries, Mercenaries & Misfits (Warah), Seeking Peace in Africa (Miller, Holland, Fendall & Johnson), The Only Alternative (Nelson & Malkin), Peace is the Way (Wink), Freedom from Violence (Brock), Mediating Civil Wars (Assefa), Peacemaking and Democratisation in Africa (Assefa & Wachira), With Justice for All (Perkins)…

Forgiveness & Reconciliation: A Just Forgiveness (Worthington), Reconciling All Things (Katongole & Rice), The Journey Toward Reconciliation (Lederach), Reconciliation (de Gruchy), An Ethic for Enemies: Forgiveness in Politics (Shriver Jr.), Political Forgiveness (Daye)…

Conflict Resolution & Transformation: Making Peace with Conflict (Schrock-Shenk & Ressler), Caring Enough to Confront (Augsburger), The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution (Weeks), The Peacemaker (Sande), Blessed by the Peacemakers (Anderson), Conflict Transformation (Lederach)…

Intercultural Issues: Preparing for Peace (Lederach), Conflict Across Cultures (LeBaron & Pillay), Managing Intercultural Conflict Effectively (Ting-Toomey & Oetzel), Conflict Mediation Across Cultures (Augsburger)…

Other noteworthy peacemakers: Howard Zinn, Colman McCarthy, Richard Deats, Daniel & Philip Berrigan, Jim Forrest, John Dear, Thich Nhat Hanh, Andre Trocme, Cesar Chavez, Gene Sharp, Roy Bourgeois, Hildegard Goss-Mayr, Dorothy Day, Kathy Kelly, Noam Chomsky, Lech Walesa, Vaclav Havel, Nobel Peace Prize Winners and more radical Christians. Dan Buttry has three books looking at peacemaking heroes.

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