Carl Wilkens Interview (AToday)

Carl Wilkens is the focus of the 7th installment of the Viewpoints interview series at Adventist Today. Carl stayed in Rwanda during the genocide in 1994, and he now travels with his wife speaking on issues of human rights and peacemaking. An excerpt from the interview:

Jeff: You have said that when faced with evil and tragedies, we should not ask, “Where is God?” but instead ask, “Where are those who claim the name of Christ?” Why is this reorientation of the question important?

Carl: As I travel around and speak with what are considered secular audiences, I’m constantly looking for a vocabulary to communicate the truths that I believe Jesus came to make plain to us. It’s often pretty meaningless to use phrases like “God was with me,” “God protected me,” “God provided for me.” When you stop and ask, “How did God provide for me? How did God protect me? How was God with me?” you start to see this truth that we’ve known all along: God’s primary way of intervening on this planet is through people.

[complete interview]

Previously, I wrote about Carl at the Summit on Social Consciousness at Andrews University.

The other interviews in the series are accessible here.

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One Response to Carl Wilkens Interview (AToday)

  1. janeth pascal joseph says:

    I would like to know about carl wilkens and his journey to land of rwanda

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