Guns, Bikes, Parades and Ordination

Delegates to a special constituency meeting of the Columbia Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church voted Sunday afternoon (July 29) to authorize the union and the local conferences within its territory to ordain women to the gospel ministry.

Adventists and Military Service (Gary R. Councell, Spectrum, 23 July 2012)

The official position2 of the denomination concerning military service was last adopted in 1972 at Mexico City. The position recommends serving in roles that will save life rather than take lives, preferably as a noncombatant. However, the Church respects individual choice in this matter; like the recommended health and lifestyle of a vegetarian diet, noncombatancy is not a test of fellowship or membership.

Don’t miss the comments from Doug Morgan and Ron Osborn.

Tolerance or Love? (David Hamstra, Apokalupto, 25 July 2012)

According the principle of tolerance, smiling and waving at ones ideological opponents is about the most one can do. But when measured against the principle of love, smiling and waving is the least one can do.

Union students and alumna ride to raise funds for Maasai wells (Ruby Ruano, Union College, 27 July 2012)

Janelle Churchill has never been one to say, “oh well,” when she sees someone in need. So when the senior social work major had an opportunity to help her classmate’s “Not Oh Well” project to raise $1 million to drill a well for the Maasai people of Kenya, Churchill decided ride her bicycle 1100 miles to raise awareness and money.

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