Women’s Ordination [updated 8/18/12]

Carmen Seibold has been ordained as a minister (13 Aug 2012), as announced on the Facebook group, I Support the Ordination of Women in Adventism.

A Close Reading of General Conference Working Policy on Ordination (ONE in Christ, Spectrum, 12 Aug 2012)

We are convinced that union conferences have the right to approve ordination recommendations without regard to gender. However, even if one views this issue through the GC’s own lens and arguments, there is no reason for union conferences not to “legally” proceed with authorizing the ordination of pastors without regard to gender.

General Conference in Violation of Its Own Policy (Gary Patterson, Spectrum, 15 Aug 2012)

If the General Conference wishes to address the issue of gender in ordination to ministry, it may do so, but only by changing its policy to a straight forward requirement that ordination is male gender exclusive, forbidding the ordination of females. There is no such policy presently in existence, nor has there been in the history of the church. Practice, precedent, perception and even prejudice do not constitute a policy.

Here are links to denominational statements and interviews:

Additional articles regarding not waiting on the GC:

See also this article which was previously linked on this blog — Editorial: Is the Women’s Ordination Issue about Unity or Uniformity? (David Newman, Adv Today, 13 Aug 2012) — and these videos.

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