Peace, Ordination, Abuse & Religious Liberty [updated]

Open Letter to Ted Wilson From Your Hebrew Teacher (Leona Running, Spectrum, 22 Aug 2012)

The Western Churches that are ready to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading will show the way to the other countries’ Churches; they will not split the Church—but if you try to stop what the Holy Spirit is leading to be accomplished, you will split the Church!

For the third time this year a union conference constituency session has voted to authorize ordination to the gospel ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The vote was 79 percent in favor despite a personal appeal from Elder Ted Wilson, president of the General Conference, to reject the concept and two short speeches by Doug Batchelor, the noted television evangelist and senior pastor of the Sacramento Central Church.

Pacific Union Constituents Vote to Ordain Without Regard to Gender (Bonnie Dwyer, Spectrum, 19 Aug 2012)

The Pacific Union Conference constituency voted to ordain to the pastoral ministry without regard to gender by a vote of 79% to 21% today; however a vote to change the bylaws failed.

Church officials say Pacific Union vote on ordination preempts study process (ANN, 19 Aug 2012)

Top leadership of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists this evening issued a response to the Pacific Union Conference’s vote to ordain ministers without regard to gender, saying the move is a “serious threat” to unity of the world church and preempts an ongoing study on the issue of ordination.

The Bi-National Caravan for Peace (Ryan J. Bell and David Shook, Huffington Post, 21 Aug 2012)

The Caravan for Peace left the San Diego-Tijuana border on Sunday, Aug. 12 and arrived in Los Angeles the next day, the first stop on a 26-city tour, carrying the message of peace and an end to the U.S.-sponsored war on drugs to Washington, D.C. Leading this tour is the Mexican poet, Christian mystic and now, peace activist, Javier Sicilia

Adventist Risk Management’s anti-abuse message now a global movement (Elizabeth Lechleitner, ANN, 14 Aug 2012)

Launched last week at the North American Division’s Teacher’s Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, the Seven Campaign invites Adventists worldwide to join in spreading a clear message against all forms of child abuse, bullying and neglect.

Additional ANN Commentary:

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