Cindy Tutsch: Women in Ministry

At the Alberta camp meeting in July of this year, Dr. Cindy Tutsch gave a presentation on women in ministry that can be heard here (this may take a bit to open). I appreciate both the article read and the additional exposition. Don’t skip the Q&A section at the end.

Links to topics referenced in the presentation:

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2 Responses to Cindy Tutsch: Women in Ministry

  1. cindytutsch says:

    My presentation was made at the Alberta camp meeting, 2012. There are some preliminaries at the beginning so multi task =) Unfortunately, you can’t hear what the questions are in the Q & A, but I think you can pretty well guess by my answers!
    The article at the beginning is a Q & A written by Nathan Brown and Paul Petersen in the Australian Recorder. –CT

  2. Jeff Boyd says:

    Thank you for the presentation and for this additional information. I have updated the post accordingly. Blessings!

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