Radical Extremist

Reading through the the Early SDA Voices section of this blog/website, I’m reminded what a social radical, or in the words of Martin Luther King Jr–an extremist for love, Ellen White was. Examples:

“It is only by an unselfish interest in those in need of help that we can give a practical demonstration of the truths of the gospel…. Much more than mere sermonizing is included in preaching the gospel…. The union of Christlike work for the body and Christlike work for the soul is the true interpretation of the gospel.” (Review and Herald, Mar. 4, 1902; Welfare Ministry, pp. 32-33)

“True sympathy between man and his fellow man is to be the true sign distinguishing those who love and fear God from those who are unmindful of His law.” (Review and Herald, Mar. 24, 1891; Welfare Ministry, p. 36)

“God designs that the sick, the unfortunate, those possessed of evil spirits, shall hear His voice through us. Through His human agents He desires to be a comforter, such as the world has never before seen.” (Manuscript 65b, 1898; Welfare Ministry, p. 22)

“The tender sympathies of our Saviour were aroused for fallen and suffering humanity. If you would be His followers, you must cultivate compassion and sympathy. Indifference to human woes must give place to lively interest in the sufferings of others. The widow, the orphan, the sick, and the dying will always need help.” (Medical Missionary, Jan. 1891; Welfare Ministry, p. 26)

“Please read Isaiah 58…. This is the special work now before us. All our praying and abstinence from food will avail nothing unless we resolutely lay hold of this work…. The fast which God can accept is described. It is to deal thy bread to the hungry and to bring the poor which are cast out to thy house. Wait not for them to come to you.” (Testimonies, vol. 2, pp. 33-35; Welfare Ministry, pp. 29-31)

“Faithful work is more acceptable to God than the most zealous and thought-to-be holiest worship. It is working together with Christ that is true worship. Prayers, exhortation, and talk are cheap fruits, which are frequently tied on; but fruits that are manifested in good works, in caring for the needy, the fatherless, and widows, are genuine fruits, and grow naturally upon a good tree.” (Testimonies, vol. 2, p. 24; Welfare Ministry, p. 38)

“From what has been shown me, Sabbathkeepers are growing more selfish as they increase in riches. Their love for Christ and His people is decreasing. They do not see the wants of the needy, nor feel their sufferings and sorrows. They do not realize that in neglecting the poor and the suffering they neglect Christ, and that in relieving the wants and sufferings of the poor as far as possible, they minister to Jesus.” (Testimonies, vol. 2, pp. 24-26; Welfare Ministry, p. 40-41)

“I have been shown that in our labor for the enlightenment of the people in the large cities the work has not been as well organized or the methods as efficient as in other churches that have not the great light we regard as so essential. Why is this? Because so many of our laborers have been those who love to preach (and many who were not thoroughly qualified to preach were set at work), and a large share of the labor has been put forth in preaching.” (Medical Ministry, p. 301)


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One Response to Radical Extremist

  1. “Every Christian is to be a missionary. In SYMPATHY and COMPASSION we are to minister to those in need of help, seeking with unselfish earnestness to lighten the woes of suffering humanity.” – Ellen White

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