If you read this blog and you live in the Atlantic Union, I hope you’re planning to be involved with Compassion in 2013. And if you do participate, write a reflection to share with readers here.

“Beginning on January, 2013. The Second Saturday of every month will be Compassion Day (Compassion Sabbath) throughout all the Adventist Church in the Northeast of the United States and Bermuda (across the Atlantic Union).”

“Compassion is preaching with our actions, because actions speak louder than words. It is the new lifestyle of a generation of Adventist youth and young adults who have the same priorities of Jesus and want to live a life filled with His love and kindness for humanity and all creation. It is a movement initiated in the Northeast of the United States and the Islands of Bermuda with the objective to influence teach, encourage, and provide opportunities for youth, young adults, in the church and its community, here and potentially worldwide, to practice the compassion that Jesus lived daily.”

Source: Compassion Facebook Page

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