Crystal Cheatham and the IDK Project

Crystal Cheatham shares this news release regarding the IDK Project:

LGBTQ Nonprofit Takes Residence in Rittenhouse Square,

Church of the Holy Trinity

PHILADLEPHIA, PA – The IDK Project (The IDentity Kit Project), a nonprofit designed to educate on topics of gender identity, expression, orientation and spirituality in religious atmospheres, will take residence at the Church of the Holy Trinity, an Episcopal house of worship at the heart of Philadelphia. The church has an open door policy, affirming LGBTQ people of faith. The IDK Project is making large strides this year, starting workshops at the Attic Youth Center, an organization that creates opportunities for LGBTQ youth to develop into healthy, independent, and civic-minded adults, starting January 8th.

The IDK Project founder, Crystal Cheatham who is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer, developed these workshops to help answer tough questions about sexuality while affirming spirituality for teen readers. Cheatham also released a book, IDentity Kit: For Queer Christian Youth, in August to further help educate the LGBTQ youth and young adults in religious atmospheres. The teachings consist of thoughtful explanations of the LGBTQ lexicon and its usage in sparking discussions about faith, anti-racism, sexism, ableism, and other socio-economical issues that often inhibit a young adults ability to view the their personal identity as positive. Along with hosting the workshops that will occur twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5:15, Carrie Jacobs, executive director of the Attic Youth Center will, “purchase Kits for all the youth who attend the workshops.” The workshop will run for 6 consecutive weeks ending Feb 14th.

Along with offering The IDK Project office space, Reverend Alan Neil of The Church of the Holy Trinity (CHT) adds, “I’m excited to have the work of the IDK projected from this church.” Already an advocate of LGBTQ identity the church recently hosted William Way Community Center’s—Philadelphia primary LGBTQ community center—budding church program, The Congregation Crawl. The program is meant to introduce the LGBTQ community to affirming houses of worship and takes place once a month at churches around the city. Housing the work of the IDK is just one more way for CHT to send a message of love to all God’s people.

For a list of upcoming IDK Project events and workshops visit

** For additional information about The IDK Project or to schedule an interview with Crystal Cheatham please contact Crystal Cheatham, at or 484-612-8570 (cell). You can also visit**

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