GYC Social Justice Conference Report

GYC has posted a summary of last weekend’s Social Justice Studies Conference held at Camp Au Sable in Michigan — GYC Studies 2013 Report. Excerp:

It’s easy to think of social justice–otherwise termed as social mercy and Christian service–as simply a convenient, warm fuzzy-dispensing app or add-on to the OS of the Christian life.

But service is paradigmatic.  It is, arguably, the OS. Service is the mindset with which Christians are duty-bound to interact with this spiritually and physically suffering world. Demonstrating love and mercy for those around us by not only preaching the gospel but acting out the gospel is the way that we show that we love God. While we are not saved by works, we are saved for a life of good works.


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2 Responses to GYC Social Justice Conference Report

  1. Elder Israel Ramos found it heartening to see young people study Gods word. I would like to continue to pray that the Spirit would guide our young ones in understanding the truth and seeking there own calling.
    I do see this as just a beginning and I hope that this dialogue gets deeper and more profound. That it does not just become a theoretical and hypothetical debate but a practical sharing of experiences and polishing of skills needed to get our young ones to tackle unjust systems and structures.
    I hope this also spreads across the globe and does not remain an US only program.

    Our forum should discuss how we can help the church take this forward.

  2. Chris Blake says:

    I would go further to state that the ultimate purpose of Bible study is to enable us to be loving activists. If we are not doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly we are shining the light of the Bible into our own eyes, and becoming blind in the process.

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