GC Youth Ministries — Week of Prayer

The GC Youth Ministries Department is hosting a week of prayer from March 16 to 23–REVIVAL THAT COUNTS…A call to justice and Mercy.

Study materials for the week are available in English on the left side of the screen (e.g., Day 1, Day 2…), and additional languages are available below the introductory video. Excerpt from Day 1:

The prophet Amos described the people of his day as those who “trample the needy and do away with the poor of the land” (Amos 8:4). He imagined their anxiousness to be done with worship in the form of Sabbath and the New Moon festival so they could reopen the market and get back to their dishonest trade, “buying the poor with silver and the needy for a pair of sandals” (Amos 8:6). Why bother with this form of religion, Amos said to these merchants, if it only gets in the way of the exploitation and profit that is your real focus in life? [Day 1]

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One Response to GC Youth Ministries — Week of Prayer

  1. Chris Blake says:

    This is a fine addition and corrective to prior studies, Jeff. I particularly liked the discussion questions and the honed, concluding stories of the three angels.

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