GYC: Jesus Waits (Malambo)

Thando Malambo has posted a deeply wrenching and moving article on the GYC website, Jesus Waits—An Adventist Perspective on Social Justice (15 Feb 2013). An excerpt:

The answer to the problem of evil and suffering cannot be just theological, to which we open our Bibles and point. The answer is to be embodied: Seventh-day Adventism must reach out to let “the oppressed go free, break every yoke, deal its bread to the hungry, bring the poor that are cast out to its houses, clothe the naked,” (Isaiah 58:6-8), answering the whyquestion by being a vehicle of God’s mercy to the suffering.


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  1. Jeff Boyd says:

    A friend shared this BBC article today, “Denis Mukwege: The rape surgeon of DR Congo” —

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