Spectrum: Daniel Peverini on Guns

Daniel Peverini has posted two articles at Spectrum on the issues of guns and nonviolence.

Bonhoeffer, AR-15s, and Adventist Ethics—Part I (8 Feb 2013)

Every ethic must undoubtedly have a context. This is first of all a Christian ethic. But Christian ethics, like Christian faith, must be considered through the lens of a tradition. Since the Seventh-day Adventist tradition has been so informative for me, and likely for many readers, I want to draw from the relevant aspects of the Adventist tradition, though I will not draw from Adventist tradition exclusively. It is in this spirit that I want to juxtapose the ethics of the German Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonheoffer with the historical Adventist tradition of conscientious objection.

Bonhoeffer, AR-15s, and Adventist Ethics—Part II (17 Feb 2013)

Like us, early Adventists, from the Civil War to WWI, lived in an era of violence. In this context Adventists formulated and acted out an ethic of conscientious objection to bearing arms.

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One Response to Spectrum: Daniel Peverini on Guns

  1. It should be noted that the statement above by Daniel Peverini is not the view of Daniel Omar Peverini……There appears to be numerous persons named Daniel Peverini who do not share the same views…….For the record: I Daniel Omar Peverini, a US Citizen I support the 2nd Amendment.

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