The One Project: Dilys Brooks–Community

Today I watched the video of Dilys Brooks speaking at The One Project: Seattle (also available via the website). She spoke about many important topics, and below are just a few of the lines that stood out to me. I couldn’t transcribe the entire sermon, so many strong words are missing from this recap. You’ll just have to listen for yourself to find the truths that likely even outshine what I’ve recorded here.


  • If we’re going to be in community, we have work to do.
  • Jesus doesn’t ask us if we think it’s a good idea to love one another.
  • Community is walking next to me. Community is encouraging me. Community is calling me. Community is checking up on me. Community is saying, “You are wrong for doing that, but I love you so I’m going to stay with you, and I’m going to work with you and pray for you. If I need to put you out, I’m going to put you out, and then come out there with you, and walk with you ’til you come back.”
  • All are invited. All are welcome, and that is messy.


  • My brother said to me, “How are you join a church that is openly segregated?” I said, “What are you talking about?” And then I pushed it to the side.
  • I was confronted with belonging to a group who had the truth and were the remnant, but didn’t live like Jesus. Ladies and Gentlemen, the implication of saying that Jesus is everything means that the barriers that we have in our community must come down.
  • How do we stand in judgment of anybody else when we, the remnant church, haven’t yet figured out how to get us together.
  • When we fail to confront our prejudices, we do not live out the great commission to go into all the world. We just go to people who look like, think like, dress like, act like, and eat like us. And invite them—or maybe guilt them—into joining us.

“Light Preacher” @


  • How come I can teach children in Cradle Roll about Jesus? How come I can teach at Vacation Bible School about Jesus? How come I can teach them in church school about Jesus? I can teach them in high school maybe. I can even get to college to teach them about Jesus. But when it comes to Sabbath morning, I can’t them about Jesus because I’m a girl?!

More topics: human trafficking, sexuality, child abuse, forgiveness, etc.

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