WAU: Lectures on Justice & Peace

“Destination 2020: Will Justice and Peace Embrace? – Justice and Provision of Global Social Goods in an Era of Crises, Needs and Increasing Scarcities”

Event: 32nd G. Arthur Keough Lectureship
Date: March 22nd (7:00 pm) and 23rd (3:30 pm)
Location: Richards Hall Chapel, Washington Adventist University
Speakers: Paul Mikov and Jonathan Papoulidis

Lecture One (Friday, March 22, 7:00 p.m.)

In many ways, our world faces both intractable and emerging issues that are of unprecedented nature, character and scope. Natural or man-made, the issues are monumental and call for equally radical and colossal effort if they are to be adequately tackled. On the other hand, the world’s major problems are only matched by the extent and intensity of aspirations of the global publics for the right and access to and benefit from the provision of global public goods, especially peace, development, human rights and the necessities of life and livelihood. The lecture will examine the landscape and context of current and emerging mega trends, their convergence and implications, as well as explore potential actions and solutions by policy makers, practitioners, and the ordinary populace.

Lecture Two (Sabbath afternoon, March 23, 3:30 p.m.)

Discourse on achieving global public goods in an era of crisis and scarcity often focuses on the imperative of legitimately defining these goods and shoring up the political support and resources to realize and share them. What is under theorized and addressed is the global gap in expertise and capacities, as well as the lack of proper change management processes, for delivering global public goods in crisis/fragile states. These neglected elements threaten to undermine broader political and economic projects for managing global threats to peace, security and sustainable development. The talk will explore these issues in light of global trends and emerging powers and partnerships.

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