Reflections on the National Conversation: Gay Rights & the Supreme Court

This week the U.S. Supreme Court has listened to arguments pertaining to two cases dealing with rights of gay partners. Rather than address the legal precedents, sociological data, or biblical material, Jeff Carlson here steps back and explores reality, rights and responsibilities in the U.S.

Gay people have sex now.
Gay people raise children now.

1. Most of the arguments I’m hearing are based on the two above ideas and are therefore irrelevant. Whether or not you want them to be officially called “married” is up to you. However, don’t waste your breath about how you think gay sex is immoral or whether you think they should be able to raise children. Those things are not up for a vote and aren’t going to change regardless of whether or not the status “marriage” is withheld or given.

2. What right do we as a society have to hold that status back from fellow citizens? If we use the Bible as the norm for what is “valid” secular marriage then we need to revoke the majority of remarriage since divorce is only admissible when there is sexual unfaithfulness and then only [for] the one who was cheated on. The “cheater” is forever barred from remarriage. We either need to, as Christians, start fighting to ban ALL “non-Biblical,” something I doubt you want to do, or stop making such a huge noise about “Biblical marriage.”

3. All non-Biblical arguments I’ve heard have to do with ideas like “children are better off with a mommy and a daddy.” Fine, maybe that’s true. But that isn’t going to change whether or not the couple is called “married.” Gay people raise children already, and that’s not going to change either way.

4. I believe in Biblical sexual ethics. However, I don’t have any interest in my beliefs being forced on other people who don’t accept the worldview which I do accept. Especially when it will have no impact either way on the “moral fabric” of America.

[reposted from facebook with permission]

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