AU Trafficking Summit — Summary + Quotes

Here are six articles describing the Summit at Andrews University:


These are lines that stood out to me over the 5-day Summit (that I was able to write down & that weren’t used in other posts).

“We want to create awareness among the Adventist Church. God send the people!” –Shantel Smith

“I hope and believe this [event] is indicative of a larger movement for justice. –Andrea Xisto

“We need to permeate social justice in everything we do on campus.” –Daniel Xisto

“We’ve had phenomenal faculty support. This [planning] team is like a family.” –Paige Holthof

While the planning team had significant representation from across the campus, “the Seminary was the driving force behind this event.” –Mic Henton

“We need men to speak up.” –Paige Holthof [Mic Henton and Theresa Flores each made the same comment in different settings.]

“If you want to stop trafficking, you have to stop prostitution.” “Education and development don’t get rid of evil. We need a spiritual solution.” —Nefarious (loose rendering)

“Prostitution is selling yourself for an unworthy end.” —Annie Lobert [I might not have this quote exactly right. She was attempting to open our eyes to how these themes fit more than just prostitutes on the street.]

“This is raising God’s army.” “Prostitution has always been here since the Bible. Sure it has, but enough is enough. God calls us to help.” “What TV are you watching? What magazines do you look at?” —Theresa Flores

“We can’t make the church a safe place when we make it a safe place for unsafe people.” “We re-traumatize people by asking people to be silent.” —Jennifer Schwirzer

“We need to understand that sin comes into the church as well.” “We need to empower survivors to tell their stories, and also to get arrests and prosecutions.” —Harvey Burnett

“Justice is rooted in God’s nature. And God is the perfect example of justice.” “Doing justice is an act of courage, and it is also a sign of devotion to God.” “God help us this day and always to respond to the call.” —Clifford Jones

And so, so many more bits of wisdom…

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