Guilt-free Clothing

Australian permaculture specialist, Sam Bonello, shares about a campaign to address worker rights in the clothing industry given the news of the recent building collapse in Bangladesh. In a global marketplace, workers’ conditions should matter to us as Christians, whether they are working in Detroit or Dhaka.

I would not want my family members working in unsafe conditions like this here in Australia. All humans are of equal worth so why would I want people that make my clothes to be in danger like this? My wife and I have H&M and GAP clothes in our closet so we do care what you decide to do on this issue. Please lead other companies by the example you set — Guilt-Free Clothing Campaign.

A friend wrote to me and said what needs to change before we stop buying clothes from them. This was my response to him:

“Nothing needs to change [first], but when writing a petition its best not to sound like a complaining person who would never buy there clothes no matter what they did to make you happy…. A valued customers opinion is more important than a do-gooder, so I gave my letter that ‘ring’. There are only a few items from these companies in my closet, and they are the sort of items that no matter who you buy from they are coming out of the same factories.”

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One Response to Guilt-free Clothing

  1. Jeff Boyd says:

    In the wake of this story, Patagonia released a statement ( ), and Prana linked to an article via Facebook ( ).

    Both companies have a history of attention to ethical concerns–organic cotton, renewable energy, recycling, etc. Read more:
    Patagonia —
    Prana —

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