David Neal: Peace

In his article titled “Peace–From Lough Erne to Syria?“, David Neal, who is the “President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church across Ireland, reflects on issues at the G8 summit, and lessons from the Irish experience.” Excerpt:

Image sitting in on the conversation. What are they to do? Who has the solution to end the war? Does judging who is right or wrong solve the problem? Should the West arm rebels against the repressive and brutal government? Why does Russia continue to arm the Assad regime? An easy call to make perhaps, but will putting more arms into the theatre of war, make the peace?

And what if arming Syrian rebels will cause wider Middle East tensions to boil over?  And which rebels to support?  What about possible Al Qaida connections?  Yet we cannot stand back and do nothing – remember Bosnia and the Congo? Yes, but we also remember how political leaders took us into war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shouldn’t this teach us to be much more cautious about entering a military conflict?


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