Entrusted: Christians and Environmental Care

My copy of Entrusted: Christians and Environmental Care arrived yesterday. This book is a compilation of the papers presented at the Entrusted symposium hosted by Loma Linda University (Adventist Today | Adventist Review article & book review). Professor William Hayes led the symposium planning team, and the book was edited by Stephen Dunbar, L. James Gibson, and Humberto M. Rasi.

In the book’s final chapter, Floyd E. Hayes and William K. Hayes distill ten major conclusions from the previous 22 chapters (which I won’t disclose here). The author’s then finish by stating:

As we have shown, Seventh-day Adventists recognize and support the Scriptural call to environmental care. Adventists engage creation care in multiple ways and at both individual and corporate levels. Can the Adventist Church do more to promote creation care? We believe the answer is “yes,” and the time to do so is now. We need to increase discourse among ourselves and with others who share our concerns and goals. We need to support those who undertake worthwhile projects that advance environmental education and conservation management. We need to take advantage of the effective witness creation care can serve, incorporating it more effectively with other Adventist messages including health, education, and evangelism. (p. 260-261)

Entrusted - coverEntrusted - back cover

Entrusted - contentsAt some point, I hope to write a review here, comparing this work with Planet in Distress by Scott Christiansen (blog). And someday I hope to interview Marianne Thieme.

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4 Responses to Entrusted: Christians and Environmental Care

  1. Philip Batia says:

    We are interested to purchase 15 copies of “Entrusted: Christains and Environmental care”
    Please forward invoice and payment details to: philip.batia@pau.ac.pg This is for School of Science & Technology Pacific Adventist University South Pacific Division Papua New Guinea

    Thank you for your your time


  2. Jeff Boyd says:

    Thank you for your interest in this book, Philip. I have passed along your request to two professors who will be able to help you complete this order. I’m glad you are making this information available to your students! God bless.

  3. Steve Dunbar says:

    Just a point of clarification about the book, Entrusted: Christians and Environmental Care. The book was not the result of the Entrusted symposium, but the other way around. The book had been in production for 2 years. We used the Entrusted symposium to launch the book after its publication, and several of the authors of the book then presented their chapters from the book at the symposium. There were many other excellent speakers presenting very good works that were not included in the book, but that were insightful and thought-provoking, nonetheless.

  4. Jeff Boyd says:

    Thanks for making that clarification, Steve. I remember making that change to the AToday article, but I forgot to edit it here. Muchas gracias.

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