White: Ministry/Service

In Chapter 11 of The Acts of the Apostles (“The Gospel in Samaria“), Ellen White again connects themes of service with evangelism. Because of persecution in Jerusalem, followers of Jesus retreated to other cities, and there continued their service ministry.

The Lord wrought through them. Wherever they went, the sick were healed and the poor had the gospel preached unto them. (p. 106)

The unselfish labor of Christians in the past should be to us an object lesson and an inspiration. The members of God’s church are to be zealous of good works, separating from worldly ambition and walking in the footsteps of Him who went about doing good. With hearts filled with sympathy and compassion, they are to minister to those in need of help, bringing to sinners a knowledge of the Saviour’s love. Such work calls for laborious effort, but it brings a rich reward. Those who engage in it with sincerity of purpose will see souls won to the Saviour, for the influence that attends the practical carrying out of the divine commission is irresistible. (pp. 109-110)

Long has God waited for the spirit of service to take possession of the whole church so that everyone shall be working for Him according to his ability. (p. 111)

Reflection Questions

  1. Does the work of my congregation and my denomination involve healing people and bringing good news to poor people?
  2. What “worldly ambition” may be limiting my usefulness for God’s kingdom? In what ways do my footsteps need to be more closely aligned with Jesus?
  3. Is my heard filled with sympathy and compassion? How can these grow more robustly in me?
  4. What abilities do I bring to the kingdom? What skills do I need to put to use for the kingdom?
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