Seventh-Gay Adventists Available Online — Free Viewing

Adventist Today recently reported on the release of Seventh-Gay Adventist in DVD format (article). For a limited time, the documentary can also be seen free online.

To view the film for free, go to anytime between Wednesday (Nov. 27) and Sunday night (Dec. 1) and input the coupon code watchfree to redeem your copy. It’s DRM-free, so you can sync it to your phone, iPad or other device to share. The film is available with English, Spanish, Portuguese and French subtitles.

The film tells the stories of three gay and lesbian Seventh-day Adventists who wrestle with how to reconcile their faith, identity, and sexuality. One young man spent five years in “ex-gay” therapy trying to become straight. Another was an Adventist pastor in Brazil who was fired for being gay and is wondering if he can ever pastor again. The third is a lesbian mom from the Midwest who wants her daughters to grow up with her beliefs, even though she knows her church might not accept their family.

Learn more here.

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