Brown Reviews “The World is Not Ours to Save”

The World is Not Ours to Save (267x400) (234x350)Nathan Brown, book editor at Signs Publishing Company, recently reviewed The World is Not Ours to Save for the ADRA Australia blog. Excerpts:

Wigg-Stevenson was an anti-nuclear weapons campaigner before he became a Christian and describes a key moment of “conversion” as the experience of realisation, suggested by his book title, that he simply could not save the world—the problems were too big, the risks too great, the underlying brokenness too profound, his best efforts too small. He describes it as the time when has most clearly heard the voice of God: “The world is not yours, not to save or to damn. Only serve the one whose it is.”

This moment of clarity as a young activist changed his worldview and his faith, but not his passion for justice and his work for the world God loves. The acknowledgment that “the world is not ours to save” is not a resignation from peacemaking and doing justice. Rather it frees us to work for good, realising the responsibility is not ours and that we work in harmony with the God whose world and work it is.


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