Blog Name Change

I’ve been playing with the idea for quite a while now, and I’ve decided it’s finally time to change this blog’s name. From our start in March of 2009, we’ve flown the banner of Adventist Activism. Now to start 2014, we’re switching to Adventists for Social Action.

Part of the motivation is that Adventist is actually a trademark of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. However, Adventists is not. Rather than wait to be asked to change, we’re proactively changing now.

Also, the change is to help clarify the central purpose of the group–practical action to demonstrate God’s love to the world.

Admittedly, this name is not entirely original. It’s derived from Evangelicals for Social Action, a group that I’m sure many of us here value. Ron Sider’s work has been an inspiration to many of us, so our new name is a nod in that direction.

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